Rich The Kid is looking for someone to fulfill a lucrative part-time gig. It involves traveling and marijuana. Do you think you’re that somebody?

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On Saturday, Rich was at an outdoor event celebrating National Weed Day when he revealed that he needs a dedicated blunt roller. I got $5,000 for a blunt roller to come on tour with me, ’cause I shouldn’t be rolling up on 4/20 myself,” the rapper said. “So, if you trying to, damn, roll up, let me know.”

The “Plug Walk” rapper doubled down on his offer with a tweet that had the money bag and wide eyes emojis. Plenty of people were ready to take on the job. “HMU @richthekid im consistent and I roll woods rillos and papers,” one person wrote.


“You can hire me for this shit‍♀️I don’t smoke so you ain’t gotta worry about bud missing,” another added. Some even shared photos of their rolling skills.

Most rappers designate someone in their click to roll their weed for them, but this won’t be the first time that an artist has outsourced for the service. In 2014, Waka Flocka Flame made an offer to pay someone $50,000 a year to roll his weed full-time.