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Soulja Boy’s home was robbed a few days after he was arrested for a probation violation.

The suspects reportedly used his stolen iPhone to brag about what they did on Instagram live. In addition to his iPhone, TMZ reports that the thieves got away with $100,000 in cash and at least $500,000 in jewelry including a mix of chains, earrings, and watches.

The five men went to rob the rapper’s home after news broke that Soulja Boy got locked up. Then they ridiculously went on IG Live from his phone they stole and told his five million followers what happened. If you think that’s wild, the thieves even reached out to the rapper’s celebrity friends claiming to be his new artists and hounding them for features.



There’s no telling if word got back to SB because he’s still in custody, but they made the police search a lot easier by plastering their faces all over the Internet right after they committed a crime.