The man who was arrested for a parole violation after he was shot with Nipsey Hussle is expected to be released.

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Kerry Lathan, 56, was arrested because his parole prohibits him from associating with known gang members, and the late rapper is a member of the Rolling 60’s Crips. Lathan said in a recent interview that he didn’t know the “Racks in the Middle” rapper prior and that he was just there shopping before Eric Holder came and opened gunfire.

After getting hospitalized, Lathan was transferred to Men’s Central Jail in downtown L.A.but TMZ reports that the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation withdrew its petition to revoke his parole.


There’s no telling why the Corrections Department made this decision. Presumably, because Nipsey Hussle has been celebrated as a community hero and exemplary leader who promote black ownership and financial literacy. He got love from L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti to President Obama and the LAPD.

Ironically, he was scheduled to meet with the LAPD alongside Roc Nation to discuss combating gang violence.