She’s been killing it for over two decades now as a trendsetter in women’s fashion and lifestyle overall, and now the Council of Fashion Designers of America has finally recognized pop queen Jennifer Lopez for her influential style over the years as the 2019 CFDA Fashion Icon Award recipient.

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Styled in Ralph Lauren, J. Lo accepted her award looking every bit like the hard-body beauty that came fresh “from the block” back in the ’90s as both an actress and singer with her debut album On The 6, which also celebrates its 20th anniversary this week. While she may be just now getting the award, the multiplatinum diva has been stylin’ on us for a very long time now. Not only is this a worthy honor, but it’s also been a long time coming. Take a minute to remind yourself why with the examples below.

Keep scrolling to see 10 times Jennifer Lopez’s decades-spanning style stood out the most, and why she truly represents a CFDA Fashion Icon:


10. That Time She Even Had Kylie Jenner Taking Notes at This Year’s Met Gala (2019)

Although stylish starlets are a common sight throughout the industry now, you can’t forget that OGs like J. Lo been doing this. Clearly Kylie hasn’t. Take a look at Vogue‘s video recap below of the event to see what caught her eye:

9. Hitting Every Summer Trend in the “I’m Real (Remix)” Music Video With Ja Rule (2001)

Velour short sets, XXXL white tees, sweat bands and fedoras? Early 2000s fashion had some of its greatest moments in this classic video alone.

8. Getting Uptown Fresh For the MTV Video Music Awards (2000)

The Bronx came out that night! Respect to the days of bedazzled Sean John belly shirts. She even won for “Best Dance Video” that night, too:

7. Glittering in Gold For the “El Anillo” Music Video (2018)

Only J. Lo could turn her music video into a big jewelry ad so effortlessly.

6. Sheer and Sophisticated at the ’98 CFDA Fashion Awards (1998)

To think that Jenny was killing it at the CFDA over 20 years ago is the perfect example of why her style reigns supreme.


5. The Entire “Get Right” Music Video (2005)

She played about 20 different characters in the span of five minutes and looked fly in every role. Pay homage!

4. That Time She Killed It In a Catsuit Alongside Beyoncé (2005)

Too much sauce for one pic to handle. The full Pepsi commercial is even better.

3. Launching the J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez Lifestyle Brand (2001)

This is the first time you really saw the pop star taking full advantage of her fashion influence. Also, the brand logo is arguably up there with Baby Phat’s siamese cat.

2. That Time She Made High-Heel Timbs a Thing in the “All I Had” Music Video (2002)

Everybody and they moms had or wanted a pair of these back in the day. Manolo Blahnik definitely came up off J.Lo in the early 2000s.

1. That GRAMMY Awards Dress (2000)

The moment when Jennifer Lopez forever changed red carpet style. Save for Gaga’s meat dress, no gown has even been this risqué, created front-page headlines, been given its own nickname or impacted the fashion industry quite like “The Dress” by Versace. Stay stylish, Queen.

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