All across the country, millions of teens are entering into prom season. This year, many of them from Philadelphia will have a little less glamour to look forward to in their send off. Particularly since, the North Philly Fairy Glam Mother Saudia Shuler will not be sponsoring luxury prom parties for the community anymore.  No more live animals (remember the camel?????), fly gear, luxury cars, helicopter rides, Black Panther costuming and even sand to give the illusion of being in the Middle East. Why? Because her community give-back gave the allusion that she was spending it out of her own pockets.

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Here is the rub.

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Shuler had received over $37,000 in disability funds between the years of 2014 – 2018, while she was still operating her prosperous restaurant Country Cookin’ and was recently sentenced by a federal judge for government benefit fraud. She was sentenced to six months’ house arrest and three years’ probation, despite a recommendation from the prosecution for four to 10 months in prison back in May.

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Shuler remains steadfast that the government funds were never used for the prom send offs and that the community actually donated the funds to produce these elaborate events, events that cost upwards of six figures.

The prayers from the community keeps her going and her restaurant remains in one of the hottest spots in North Philly. Many have attested to her previous generosity and perhaps, she will find another way to bless the community.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, she caught a divine break because she was facing a maximum sentence of 140 years’ incarceration.