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50 Cent is usually the one doing the trolling online but he recently got trolled.

The mogul was on a movie date with Black Ink Crew: Chicago‘s, Nikki Nicole, when he was approached by NFL Dume who wanted him to listen to his music.

From the looks of the video below, Fifty looked threatened by the artist’s aggressive approach especially because he was without security and with his lady friend. But the Queens native was with all the smoke.


In the second slide towards the end of the video, the heated situation was diffused and 50 Cent is seen talking to the young man. Fif gives him free game and tells him that his approach is counterproductive. You can hear Fofty saying, “it’s not going to work.”

Dume’s friend, who is presumably recording the video, explains at the end that he just wanted 50 to look at his Instagram. But the Power star eventually walked away with the reality star without looking at Dume’s social media account.

At the end, the New Jersey rapper got what he wanted because the video is now viral and he’s getting free press.