Following the announcement trailer released last week for Season 3 of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Netflix now reveals a full preview of the upcoming final season for the popular comic-turned-MCU series.

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The female antiheroine played perfectly by Krysten Ritter goes up against one last evildoer named George Salinger (Jeremy Bobb), who many comic book fans may recall as one of the original baddies to adapt the Foolkiller moniker. Trying to convince Jessica that she’s a “cheater” and “fraud,” in addition to questioning her heroism in general, Salinger uses his smart and evil wit to get the best of Jones and those around her, including Malcolm (Eka Darville) and the newly superpower-induced Trish (Rachael Taylor). Carrie-Anne Moss also returns as Jeri one last time, continuing to ride the line between lawful evil and downright chaotic.

Expect the final season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones to arrive on June 14 via Netflix. Peep the extended trailer above.