The Toronto Raptors won Game 3 of the NBA Finals, however, there was a controversial moment when a fan sitting courtside pushed Kyle Lowry after a chased a loose ball into the front row.

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Lowry crashed into a group of fans and as he attempted to collect himself and return to the court, a fan shoved him, catching the attention of the Raptors point guard. The fan was ejected from the game.

“The fans have a place; we love our fans,” Lowry said on ESPN. “But fans like that shouldn’t be allowed to be in there, because it’s not right. I can’t do nothing to protect myself.


“But the league does a good job, and hopefully they ban him from all NBA games forever.”

When Lowry landed in the crowd, he was supported by other fans of the crowd. After the push, Lowry alerted officials and seemed to tell the man that he was wrong for pushing him. The Associated Press reports Lowry disclosed the man also cursed at him.

“He had no reason to touch me. He had no reason to reach over two seats and then say some vulgar language to me,” Lowry said. “There’s no place for people like that in our league. Hopefully, he never comes back to an NBA game.”

Lowry emerged victorious for the night and now he and the Raptors have a 2-1 lead on the NBa Champs. Prior to Game 3, Lowry vowed to be more aggressive when he took the court, resulting in a 23 point effort.

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