The UberCHOPPER makes its way to New York City this summer!

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Officially being called the Uber Copter, the app-controlled airfare service is set to provide Uber Rewards members of Platinum or Diamond status in New York with flights priced at $200 to $225 USD per ride, according to Uber Elevate head of product Nikhil Goel.


The New York Times reports that the flying taxi service will only clock in at about eight minutes per trip, taking passengers between Lower Manhattan and Kennedy International Airport.

Here’s why the timing matters, as told by NY Times:

“Currently, that trip by car can take at least an hour, and in rush hour traffic, can last more than two hours. Other modes of transit, the subway and the Long Island Railroad, take between 50 and 75 minutes. Uber Copter promises to cut the total travel experience — including ground transportation — to as little as 30 minutes.”

For a more specific breakdown of how it all works, up to five riders per trip will fly with two pilots in a twin-engine helicopter that operates weekdays from 7AM to 7PM and on Sundays from 2PM to 7PM. Large bags will not be permitted, with each passenger admitted only one personal bag and one carry-on that weighs in at 40 pounds or less. To accommodate any extra weight, Uber will offer a special service for an extra $85 USD that will pick up and deliver checked luggage between the airport and addresses in Manhattan. One-way flights will cost $195 USD per person.

The Uber Copter service is set to begin in New York City on July 9, with Platinum and Diamond members being the first to test it out. Read the full report on The New York Times, and let us know if you’d hike a helicopter ride through Uber by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!