URL does it again by shifting the culture with a new franchise to tickle the fancy of battle rap enthusiasts.  Combining two of their marque events, Summer Madness and Double Impact, the world’s most respected stage in battle rap promises to bring the star power in double doses.

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Summer Madness has been the platform for at least the last 7 years that has brought out the biggest names in the culture and in the industry to see titans go at it in lyrical warfare. Double Impact, a fairly newer franchise founded in 2016, pairs up dynamic duos to play tag team in these bar-for-bar contest.

While the card has not been announced, one bout has been and surely you will be floored.


Mega-star Tsu Surf and his partner Tay Roc aka “The Face of URL” will make another appearance as Gun Titles to battle two heads on battle rap’s Mt. Rushmore, Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don. Load Lux has long cemented himself in battle rap’s history, and pairing him with Hollow Da Don proves to be a coup for the master think tank over at URL.

But let’s look at these four contenders Summer Madness records so far.

Hollow Da Don and Tsu Surf have only appeared on one Summer Madness a piece. Hollow Da Don battled Tay Roc at SM6, where many believe that Tay Roc killed him with two crazy bars that had to deal with a seat belt and a buzzing fly. See below. While Tsu Surf had a great entertaining battle with Hitman Holla at SM4.

Lux stunts with his Summer Madness appearances as he had an incredible battle with Calicoe in SM2, and even memorable battle with Charlie Clips at SM5. In both battles, the Harlemite took aim at his opponents’ fathers. In the Calicoe it won him the battle, and in the Clips battle not so much. Clip’s free style ability backfired with the Wild N’ Out star hitting him with the line implying that it doesn’t matter what you think his father did… his mother was the real gangsta in their family.

Leading the pack is the reigning “King of Summer Madness,” Baltimore’s own Tay Roc. There is little to be said about this emcee, other than when you here… “Summer Madness coming,” you can’t help but get excited. He is sure to bring passion and fire to the table. Summer Impact, with his partner Tsu Surf, we are sure he will do the same.