Google’s video-game streaming service, Stadia, will start rolling out in November, the company announced Thursday on a YouTube live stream. The system, which was originally announced in March, will act like a Netflix for video games. Google says it will eventually allow people to play games directly over WiFi from any TV with Chromecast, computer with a Chrome browser, and Google Pixel phones. There are no downloads as the games themselves exist on Google cloud servers. That means Stadia can also sync game progress across devices.

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The only way to access Stadia at launch is by purchasing the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition, which includes a limited-edition Night Blue Google Stadia Controller, a Chromecast Ultra, a three-month Stadia Pro subscription, and a 3-month Buddy Pass to give to a friend.

If players don’t want a subscription, they can simply buy the individual games they want to play via their free option, Stadia Base, when Google Stadia launches this fall.

At launch, players can play games like RPG Baldur’s Gate III — which got a terrifying, Lovecraftian trailer and announcement during the live stream — high-tech shooter Ghost Recon Breakpoint, super-creepy kid exploration game Gylt, The Division 2, and what looks like many more.

Things also got into the numbers. With a connection speed of 35mbps, players can expect 4K video at 60 frames per second. With only 10mbps (the minimum recommendation for Stadia), players can still play their games in 720p.

We don’t know if Stadia is any good yet. We hope to find out soon. But either way, it seems like the cloud gaming wars are nearly here