Megan Thee Stallion vowed to fight to prevent global warming and help save the environment, and she kept her promise.

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Yesterday hundreds of fans met her at Santa Monica Pier to clean the beach. “It’s not all about driving the motherf****g boat. We got sh*t to do. We got sh*t to save. Causes to motherf*****g fulfill. I really want to help. We’re going to clean this motherf****g beach up, and then we’re gonna drive the boat,” Meg said in her introductory announcement upon her arrival before putting on the gloves and getting to work.


The Fever rapper announced the eco-friendly event on Instagram live recently after revealing that one of her fans urged her to use her platform to raise awareness about climate change.

“I’m about to get on my hot girl sh*t and start using less plastic and try to use the same water bottle — and I think I’m going to organize a beach clean up for all the hotties,” Megan said. “Y’all gotta come in y’alls bikinis and we gonna go clean up some sh*t, you know what I’m saying?”