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After weeks of constant speculation rapper Yung Miami finally reveals to the world via The City Girls documentary that she is expecting her second child. Though she has been denying allegations for weeks, today she decided it was time to share this journey with her fans. In a clip posted to Instagram from the documentary, she said, “I want this journey to be nothing but positive going forward and I wanted to share this with y’all.”

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Check out the text from the post:

You can click here to watch the clip for yourself.

Many have assumed that the City Girls’ success would come to an end after JT’s incarceration. Yung Miami has shut all the haters down early by carrying the group on her back, making appearances and taking interviews while her partner is away.  With her sharing her pregnancy, critics continue to hate and assert that this move will hurt her career. However, Cardi B is a great example of how that does not have to be her reality. She said, “I did everything they said I couldn’t because that’s just the type of woman I am, and going to continue to be. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and life-changing, so I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the City Girls!”

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Yung Miami has recently visited The Source office and dropped some jewels about her journey. In our signature series, “Up in The Source,” she recalls a time when she actually stole someone’s boyfriend and all the backlash she received from taking someone’s man.  Building off of the classic Salt N’ Pepa song that she and JT remade, she also talks about wanting to someday meet the legendary duo.

We would like to send a Congratulations to Yung Miami and best wishes for you and your child. PERIODT!!!