There are many powerful forces in the world today — Apple, Marvel Studios and the Illuminati come to mind — but there’s a special kind of strength that’s wielded by Beyoncé’s world-renowned fanbase known as the Beyhive. Sometimes they use their power for good (i.e. putting Tomi Lahren in her place), while other times not so much (i.e. making the Warriors’ owner wife cry because of a baseless claim that went viral), but it’s usually from a place of endearment in defense of Queen Bey.

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For being such a loyal crew, Beyoncé has just released a new merch collection that will let everyone know how far her fandom stretches.


The “beyhive.v1” collection is packed with a little bit of everything, ranging from T-shirts, crop tops and tank tops all the way to hoodies, bandanas, accessories and an assortment of Bey-branded summer essentials. Most of the set follows a black color palette, with the exception of an orange PVC drawstring bag in addition to a small set of white and red options as well. The graphic motifs make for the standout quality in this collection, which even includes an “India Hive” tee that recalls her highly-publicized performance at the wedding last year for multibillionaires Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal. If you want to show the world who runs it, or if you’re still spinning HOMECOMING to learn the entire 40-track live album in full formation, this is definitely the capsule for you.

The “beyhive.v1” Collection by Beyoncé is available right now at SHOP BEYONCÉ. Check out what’s available below: