Throughout The Source’s 30 year history, we have consistently created a platform that recognizes and honors the pioneers of the culture while simultaneously engaging talent discovery like no other media outlet. Celebrating the pioneers and spotlighting new artists has been our mission since the late 80s and has been intricately woven into each issue.  This issue is no exception.

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While it is no exception, it is an expansion.

In #276, our inaugural Future Issue, The Source has published an offering that has expanded the definition of Hip-Hop’s future, and our corporate understanding of one of our tentpole franchise, “Unsigned Hype.” From now and forever more, the Future issue will look at those artists in rap music that we believe will dominate the charts, business and culture of Hip-Hop for the next few years. We determined this by carefully evaluating the last five years of their careers— their impact on radio, clubs, the business rooms, and the streets. Emcees are divided into three sections: Advanced, Intermediate, and Newly Signed. Make sure you check out which of your favorite musicians made our list.


This duo cover issue will feature New York’s own A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Atlanta’s Lil Baby.

Why A Boogie?

Boogie, with his child-like smile and energy, is putting New York back on a map with his sophomore album Hoodie SZN, that debuted at #1 on Billboard earlier this year. Inside the issue, readers will get an exclusive look into what makes him tick and how his journey has prepared him for his recent stardom.

The issue also gently urges our audience to roll with us as we re-examine the beloved “Unsigned Hype” section. Gone as the days when Matty C used to delve into a pile of cassette submissions to find the hidden rap jewels such as Biggie Smalls, Mobb Deep, Wale, Vic Mensa and the Academy-Award winner, Common. Now, unsigned artists are entrepreneurial in spirit and have their own record labels, have generated revenue and digital clout by utilizing the internet and social media to create an international fan-base and understand brand building like never before. So, we have picked 10 rappers from across the country that we believe have the best buzz and talent to make it in the big leagues.

The Future Issue will not only change how you look at the artists that come across your airwaves but shift how you digest new music and the artists that make it so damn good. A Boogie and his colleagues in this new exclusive fraternity will simply blast off— and we told you first.

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Shawn Grant is a Chicago native and the Senior Editor of The Source Magazine. He can only be found on Instagram and Twitter at @shawnxgrant.

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