Comic fans love a good origin story told on film, as we’ve seen in recent years with the success of Wonder Woman, Black Panther and most recently Captain Marvel. The latest comes by way of DC Comics with a new television series on EPIX that gives backstory to Batman’s beloved butler Alfred.

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Simply titled Pennyworth — that alone could be a surprise to many who didn’t even know Alfred had a last name! — the series stars Jack Bannon (Fury, Kids In Love) as the titular character and his start as a former British SAS soldier who’s hired by Batman’s dad Thomas Wayne for major security reasons. While the crusade this time around eliminates the capes, the battle between good and evil overall is still a main focal point to the story arch. Above everything though, it should be pretty interesting to see Alfred getting his James Bond on based off the fast-paced, action-packed preview featured here. While Bruce, Joker, Poison Ivy or even Robin are about 20 years shy of making an appearance as we know them, we’re sure Alfred can hold things down in the meantime.

Pennyworth premieres on July 28 at 9PM ET/PT via EPIX. See the full trailer above.