The world is now paying attention to one of the most egregious miscarriages of justice done to five Black and Brown boys in the modern era.  Known as the Central Park Five, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson and Korey Wise, spent years in prison for a rape crime that they did not commit. In 1989, the young Black and Brown teen-aged boys apprehended for “wilding in the park,” and later attached to a rape that happened the same night of their melee. Well, that statement in partially true. Korey Wise was not even in the park at the time. Korey was only present in support of his friend Yusef… a choice to be dedicated to his homie changed the rest of his life.

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The boys were pressed for at least seven hours without attorneys or parents. By the time their “confessions” were taped, the boys had been peppered with threats, starved and promised they could go home if they pinned the story on a list of names of other boys that they did not know. It is important to note that the only two that really knew each other were Salaam and Wise. The boys complied, lying under pressure and this was the nail that doomed the minors.

The young men were convicted, based off these confessions. There was no evidence to support their guilt. They were later exonerated after the real rapist stepped up and took responsibility for the vicious and violent crime he perpetrated on the young jogger thant night.


Ken Burns produced an amazing documentary about their case. But many have come to know about this case because of Ava Duvernay’s new Netflix film, When They See Us.

Recently released is Korey Wise’s actual confession. Watch how the Assistant D.A.  Elizabeth Lederer gives him a can of Pepsi Cola as she seals his doom.

Well, now her decision to prosecute these young men, have sealed her own professional doom. Earlier this week, she was forced to resign by students protesting her professorship at Columbia University. You took their life, the community will now take yours.