O.J. Simpson has been a hot topic for over decades.

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Whether you are looking at his legendary NFL career (whereas a football player he was an undeniable talent) or the controversy around his ex-wife Nicole Brown’s murder (his innocence or guilt), people seem to want to talk about him. However, he has been so low-key that no one really knows what he thinks about anything.

That is up until now.


Recently, The Juice has broken his silence and hopped on Twitter. The news hit the web and fans and foes alike are losing his mind. His first two posts were introductions. Both really dealt with why he decided to get on social media and claim his own voice in this landscape. Not to anyone’s surprise principally he will be talking about sports… but he assured us that there will be some social commentary on pop culture and issues that are of importance to the public.

He did not take long to fulfill that promise.

On his third post, he talked about his friendship with Rob Kardashian and not ever having any attraction to Kim Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner.


O.J. says about the famous family:

“Bob Kardashian was like a brother to me. He was a great guy. He met and married Kris and they really had a terrific time together, when they were together.  Unfortunately, that ended. But never, and I want to stress never in any way shape or form, did I have any interest in Kris romantically or sexually. And I never got any indication that she had any interest in me. So all of these stories are just bogus. Bad. Tasteless.”

Then just in time for Father’s Day, he drops the bomb that many have been itching to learn forever.

“Khloe, like all the girls, I am very proud of (just like I know Bob would be if he was here). But the simple fact of the matter is she is not mine.”

He goes on to say that the rumor was pushed by Pardo, a man claiming to be his manager. He was also very adamant that Pardo is not his manager.