In case you missed it, The Boondocks is returning with its original showrunner, Aaron McGruder.

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SONY announced the beloved animated series’ return last week. This means that our beloved characters will be getting a new look. Robert Freeman’s re-design was unveiled yesterday in honor of Father’s Day.


Grandad is seen donning white tee shirt and beige pants, paired with an army helmet, and is equipped with a fanny-pack for his belt/golf club combo. This swag is a lot more dramatic than his signature green sweater and blue jeans combination.

Huey’s re-design was unveiled via @boondocksbootleg’s Instagram account at the same time the reboot was announced.

The Boondocks is an animated sitcom that touched on a number of controversial topics including racism, R. Kelly, and more. Many fans were if the show will be able to withstand during such politically sensitive times. But people are already theorizing guest appearances for the upcoming episodes.

There’s no telling if the show will live up to the hype, but we’ll just have to wait and see.