From creating a CBD Themed Baby Shower for Kim Kardashian to its day to day operations, HelloMD is leading the future of health and wellness through Cannabis use. Cannabis has developed into one of the most futuristic products for mental and physical health. In Hip-Hop culture, the promotion of cannabis has always been and continues to be prevalent. From Snoop Dogg to Wiz Khalifa and more, cannabis connoisseurs are widespread throughout the culture. Although its recreational use is heavily promoted, there is room to promote healing. With Hip-Hop’s mass influence, it is only a matter of time before the curation of the narrative begins.

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Aside from its recreational pleasures, Cannabis has developed as an amazing resource. HelloMD is a leading company in this initiative. The company was founded in 2014 by Pamela Hadfield and her husband, Mark Hadfield. Dr. Patricia Frye is currently their Chief Medical Officer. Co-Founder Pamela Hadfield had personal success using CBD and THC for her own wellness. Prior to using the cannabinoid chemicals, she suffered from severe migraine headaches from her teens into adulthood. After Vicodin was prescribed, she disliked its dependency.

Therefore, she sought an alternative and was advised to begin a high CBD and low THC regime that would cure her migraine headaches. She found the results to be much better than any result received while using Vicodin.


Since its existence, HelloMD has striven to be the most trusted online health and wellness destination for cannabis consumers who want access to expertise, education, knowledge sharing, and the highest quality products.

“We were the first to market in California and market medical consultation online between doctors and patients,” says Hadfield.

The company began to grow its clientele after thousands of patients with a variety of medical conditions contacted them for consultation. From there, HelloMD would evolve into an educational platform by providing Q&A sessions between patients and doctors. HelloMD has expanded into the international market as well and are operating fully in Canada. The Cannabis organization expects to open services to South Africa, Brazil and Mexico very soon.

“The passion comes from the desire to help people understand the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis,” Hadfield stated.

Hadfield’s innovative approach helps to expand pharmaceutical options, despite the close-mindedness majority industry professionals.

Hadfield was prepared for the backlash received from medical professionals and others. In addition, parents at her children’s schools have held skepticism in their interaction with her, due to their lack of understanding. People have absurdly referred to her as a drug dealer in the past as well. Despite the misconception, her passion to educate and heal with cannabis show a side of empathy and uniqueness, typically unexpressed within the pharmaceutical industry. With her past dependency on Vicodin for migraine headaches, she empathizes with those, who have yet to find alternatives that actually get the job done.

Medical Cannabis can help to solve the active opioid crisis in the US and reduce the risk of a possible addiction. Check out the video below and be sure to visit HelloMD to learn, receive a consultation, and shop with all who have taken charge of their health and wellness.