The Los Angeles Lakers and their fans are heralding landing Anthony Davis in the purple and gold for the upcoming season. But if you hit up Master P and ask him about the deal he will tell you the New Orleans Pelicans are the clear winners of the trade.

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“We got everything!,” the No Limit leader told TMZ Sports.

If you missed it, the LakeShow sent Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, the number four pick and more future draft selections to NOLA for AD.


The additions from the Lakers will be added to Zion Williamson who is presumably the number one overall pick by the Hornets in the NBA Draft on Thursday.

The Pelicans surely have more assets and weapons than before, however, the Lakers got the second superstar they needed to maximize the remaining years of LeBron James’ career. Seems like a win-win this way. But Master P said what he said. He has also expressed interest in signing Williamson to a sneaker deal. That likely will go to one of the sneaker titans and all sources are pointing toward Nike.

Check out the clip below and let us know if you think P’s hometown Pelicans got better than the LakeShow with the deal.