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Exactly one year after XXXTentacion’s untimely death, his estate has decided to release the trailer of an upcoming documentary about the artist for fans. In the trailer, you hear the creepy narration on the deceased Florida emcee and are quickly reminded how much of a shame it is that his life was snuffed out so early.

He eerily says, “There’s definitely a difference between Jahseh Onfroy and XXXTentacion. This is the story, this is the full story, this is the last time I’ma tell it.”

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In the trailer you see his friends and family joking around, giving the world a glimpse of the young man in ways that few outside his circle have encounter. Tear provoking, this documentary will prove to be as successful as all of his projects.

But that is not all that has been announced.

There is music.

Fans loved his 2017 release of his chart topping-debut studio album 17 which hit No. 2 on the US Billboard 200. They also loved his ? album and the posthumously released Skins. Both of the aforementioned went No. 1.   Evidence that his impact continues to vibrate is first single off of last year’s project entitled “SAD!” Just last week, this song was his first #1 single of his career and reached an astounding 1 billion streams on Spotify.

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Forbes acknowledged the pivotal career highlight, writing, Now that “Sad!” has joined that still-exclusive club, XXXTentacion has become the first musician to posthumously see one of their most popular tunes hit the 10-digit mark, a strange feat that no artist aims to snag, but which is a sign that their art is still immensely popular even after they are gone.”

His new upcoming currently untitled release promises to have the same influence over Hip-Hop, as it will surround X with some of today’s hottest stars.