Young Thug’s day just got a lot brighter! According to TMZ, the Los Angeles District Attorney will not be prosecuting the Atlanta artist in his L.A. gun case.

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Reportedly, the reason that the D.A. will not go forward with the case is that there was not sufficient evidence linking him to the weapons cops discovered in his car last August. Young Thug’s attorney, Michael Goldstein, corroborated the reports.  Police were unable to find DNA on a gun that they redeemed from a car that the rapper was riding in. Allegedly three individuals were in the car, but there was no way for the investigators to figure out who the gun belonged to. YT maintained it was not his.

As a result, Young Thug is getting off.


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This comes off of news that YT has gone diamond for the first time in career. Sorta.

His collaboration with Camila Cabella, “Havana,” just was certified by RIAA. Young Thug said, “We not ‘YSL’ no more, our new name is ‘DIAMOND SLIME-MEN.'”

Ironically, the D.A. also put some light on the circumstances around the initial search where the gun was found. There was a crash… and the party that crashed into the other was the police. A police cruiser was “unable to stop in time” and thus hit Young Thug’s Rolls Royce. It is unclear who will pay for those damages.