As if losing over $100 million USD during opening weekend due to a lackluster performance at the box office wasn’t bad enough, the latest X-Men film Dark Phoenix is reportedly being removed from over 1,600 theaters as it approaches its third weekend.

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The decision comes after a 83% drop-off during the second week at the box office, with Dark Phoenix only racking in a mere $2.348 million USD domestically. That number brought its worldwide sum to $208 million USD; unfortunately, the movie was made on a $200 million USD budget.

Cinemablend is reporting the news via a tweet by trusted entertainment news gatherer Exhibitor Relations (seen above), which puts the send-off number at approximately 1,667 theaters.

Here’s some of the reasons that Cinemablend highlights as to why this is happening so prematurely:

“Basically, this boils down to a “survival of the fittest” mentality at the box office. Theaters need to create screens for movies people might actually want to see, and Toy Story 4, Child’s Play, and the pending Spider-Man: Far From Home are going to demand a lot of screens.

Beyond that, Disney and local theaters are bracing for the onslaught that should occur when The Lion King opens on July 19. After that, Quentin Tarantino has his epic Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and you KNOW that QT cares about the theaters that are ready to present his ninth film.”

It’s sad to say, but maybe we shouldn’t have gotten another film version of the classic Dark Phoenix Saga just yet, even with eight films and 13 years separating us from the last time the story was told with X-Men: The Last Stand. While that movie doubled its $210 million USD film budget and them some, plus finished as the seventh-highest-grossing film of 2006 and fourth overall in the X-Men movie series, it doesn’t look like Dark Phoenix will see the same fate by a long shot.

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