Celebrity DJ Kid Capri is usually one of the most requested party djs on the scene. In fact, getting Capri to fit you into his schedule is coup in itself.

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So, surely when the members of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity hired Kid for a party they thought they were in for a treat. What they got, we are sure was a treat but it most certainly was hilarious. While no date is none of this clip and the particular event is not certain, the caption states that the Def Comedy Jam dj played “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton. This particular song is usually associated with another fraternity, Omega Psi Phi (Ques). One of the Kappas, according to the write up on Facebook about the incident, was outraged and took him playing the song as a disrespect.

Capri, who is not Greek and possibly is ignorant of Black Fraternity culture, allegedly said that he “something special for them and he was going to play their song” and commenced to play what is seen as the unofficial Que Dawg anthem.


Kid Capri played the Atomic Dog for The Kappa's. He told them that he had something special for them and he was going to play their song . A guy went to the stage complaining about him playing the song . Kid Capri said , "Do we have a problem? I dont have this problem at my other shows. I do this world wide. If you dont like the song then dont listen to it. Don't come up here coaching me because you got your tight suit on ! You will not disrespect me ! I dont care how old you are!"The guy told Kid Capri that he had a problem. I saw Kid Capri perform in Auba on my birthday and at the RBRM concert in Philadelphia and he did an amazing job. He connected with the audience very well. Both events were drama free . He was very friendly. Greeks vs nongreeks will have different views about this situation. What are your thoughts ? #KappaTakeOver2019 #GreekLife #KidCapri #AtomicDog #kappa #D9 Was the guy wrong ? Do you think that Kid Capri overreacted?

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Apparently, a Kappa went to the dj booth and voiced his opinion on the song selection.

And then this is what happened….

Kid Capri said , “Hey come here. Do we have a problem?”

The Kappa said, “No, we don’t have no problem. You have a problem.”

KC: “I don’t have problem.”

Kappa: “This a Kappa party.”

KC: Check this out. I came here to play for you. I will end this sh*t right here. I’m not going to go for the disrespect.”

There was a lot of back and forth, but KC was clear with the Crimson and Cream brother: He was the dj for the night and he did not need anyone edging him on. Other fraternity brothers tried to keep the party going, but it only took one shimming Nupe to set Capri off again.

KC: “I’m not gonna tolerate no disrespect from nobody. You don’t like the song, don’t listen  to it. But you ain’t gonna come up here to keep coaching me like I don’t know what I am doing. I do this for a living, got that? I do it for real worldwide. Don’t come up here coaching me because you got your tight suit on! You will not disrespect me!”

#KappaTakeOver2019 #GreekLife #KidCapri #AtomicDog #kappa #D9

Was the guy wrong ?