One of the vets in female sexy rap has to be Miami’s Trina. Known as the “Baddest B*tch,” back in the 2000’s she took the reigns after Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown wained in popularity. Fans have clocked her for years, watching her paper chase and set trends. But for almost a decade, she failed to give them what they really want: Music.

Earlier this June she made a whole lot of them happy, as she dropped her new album entitled, The One. With a gang a features from some of the most prestigious names in Southern Hip-Hop like Lil Wayne, 2 Chains and Plies and Boosie Badazz, and some of R&B’s top vocalists like K. Michelle, Sevyn and Kelly Price, this record is prime to delight her fan base.

While promoting her new album, she stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about it. At a certain point, DJ Envy highlights one song called “BAPS,” a record that speaks on wack lovers and names names. Who popped out immediately and took as Trina says “straight bullets” were folk like Tory Lanez, James Harden, and  Kenyon Martin… but none of them fostered the same attention and “energy” that rapper French Montana when his name was mentioned.

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Angela Yee offers, “You had to set it off with French…” and Trina gives a look to Envy, to which he responds, “Why you looking at me?”

Trina says, “We is not going to indulge in this conversation ’cause I don’t got time to even be clocking in there eon this guy… I am telling you right now. Let’s keep it cute again. I dodged a bullet. We all know what it is.”

“BAPS” directly mentions the Coke Boy, but on another song “F*ck Boy (the remix)” it is inferred that shots are fired in his direction.

Where does the heat come from? A few year back, Trina and Montana were “friends.” Montana, who was married then, went on The Wendy Williams Show and said that the relationship was not serious… dismissing the valuable time that Trina believed that they experienced. She went on The Breakfast Club to clear that up before, but was not done addressing the disrespect.

Trina let’s them know, she is not the one to be played with. Her straight forward remarks lets any potential suitors know that she worst than Taylor Swift with brothers that don’t come correct.

However, this seems like moot point. She has been a committed relationship for about three years.