Hey Knicks fans, guess what the result of this free agency will be? Not a single star is coming to Madison Square Garden to wear blue and orange. That’s what Golden State Warriors swingman stated when asked about the possibility of his teammates Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant heading to the Big Apple.

Is he really sorry? Doubt it. The real question is will no one go to the Knicks? As for the Warriors, it’s quite possible to be true. Thompsons appears a lock to spend the next few years of his career in San Francisco. Durant is a bit more questionable, he is reportedly in a three-team bidding war between the Knicks, Warriors and Brooklyn Nets. The belief is he will depart to the Knicks or Nets with Kyrie Irving. However, he is also set to meet with the Warriors next week.

Get ready hoops fans, the offseason is just getting warmed up.