Andre Iguodala’s trip to The Breakfast Club came with a ton of information on the inner workings of the Golden State Warriors. Sitting with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy, the 2015 Finals MVP did not shy away from any questions and spoke on former head coach Mark Jackson, injuries on the team and the possibility of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant leaving in free agency.

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Giving background on how NBA franchises, and in this case the Warriors work, Iguodala revealed that he played on an injury that he shouldn’t have due to a false report.

“Last year it happened to me. I missed the last three games of the Houston series, it goes to Game 7. We barely get out of that series and now you looking at me like ‘when you coming back?’ And I had a fractured leg and but it’s being put out there like you got a bone bruise. Like ‘no, it’s a fracture,’” Iguodala said. “So I’m fighting with the team, I’m fighting with people, I’m fighting with the media. Then my teammates ask me everyday ‘How you feeling? How you feeling?’ So with K[evin], he getting it from everywhere too: ‘How you feeling? How you feeling?’ — not just from the team, but from family and people close to him.”


Iggy didn’t stop there. He would go on to talk about Mark Jackson and why he isn’t coaching today. Often credited with putting the Warriors together, prior to Steve Kerr taking over, many wonder why Jackson can’t get a job today and is often looked passed when vacancies arise. Iggy says its because he was blackballed from the league.

“It was the politics. Once they want you out they’re going to find something,” Iguodala shared.

“One particular issue—from what I heard—were his views on gender or marriage or what the Bible said on your sexuality,” Iggy added. He also shared a team executive, who is gay, is also not favorable of the former coach. Once that occurred the rumors traveled across the league.

In response to the possibility of his teammates leaving, Andre Iguodala did not seem concerned and looked to believe the Warriors would all come back next year along with roster tinkering to still be a contender. You can see his thoughts on the state of the Warriors, his new book and more below.

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