If there ever was a music video that needed to be prefaced with a caution, disclaimer or any kind of warning for the sheer boldness of what you’re about to see, it without a doubt could (and probably should!) be for Cardi B’s new music video for “Press.”

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Filled with pseudo-nudity, murder scenes, bloody bodies, girl-on-girl action and gunshots galore, “Press” is the NSFW masterpiece that is worth stepping out the office to watch for the three-and-a-half minutes that it takes to all play out. The concept, as Cardi described on her IG a few hours ago (seen above), is her directorial debut in collaboration with Jora Frantzis, who also handled the visuals for “Money” as well. From the fashion choices to the, well, lack of fashion via the nude scenes, everything was meticulously mapped out by the rap queen herself. One of the most poignant scenes is, of course, the one where she shows out in court, which seems to be unfortunately playing off her real-life legal drama from that strip club brawl last summer. For the sake of both Cardi and her legion of fans worldwide, let’s hope life doesn’t imitate art because, well, our girl literally kills everyone!

Peep the music video for “Press” by Cardi B above, and we’ll keep you all updated on whatever upcoming project this song ends up landing on.