Stephanie Grisham, a top aide to first lady Melania Trump, was named Tuesday to replace Sarah Sanders as White House press secretary after a brief but competitive search for the president’s next spokesperson.

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Grisham, who developed a reputation as a fierce defender of the first lady during her tenure as a spokeswoman, will also become the White House communications director, according to an announcement from the first lady’s office.


Grisham has become a close and trusted adviser to the first lady and the first family during her time at the White House, and before. The first lady and the Trump family appreciate her loyalty and discretion. Grisham has also impressed the president and first lady with the way she runs the first lady’s communications operation — it’s viewed as a tight ship with few leaks.

Sanders’ final day is Friday. Grisham will be accompanying the president on his G20 trip to Japan this week. Grisham will also continue to help out the first lady’s office during the transition — quite a lengthy list of responsibilities for just one person.

Grisham has a long history with the Trump family and is known for her loyalty to them, particularly the first lady.

She worked as a press aide in Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 and is one of the few campaign staffers still in the White House. Looks like a case of Trump finally rewarding someone on his team for loyalty.