On Wednesday, June 27th,  NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo hosted the first democratic debate with between ten of the candidates running for the top office of the nation, President of The United States. On the stage were the following: New Jersey senator Cory Booker, former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, San Antonio mayor Julian Castro; New York City mayor Bill de Blasio; Maryland politician John Delaney; Congressman Tulsi Gabbard, Washington governor Jay Inslee, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar and Ohio congressman Tim Ryan.

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During the debate, New York City’s mayor, Bill de Blasio mentioned his advantage over the other candidate, by reminding the viewers again that his family is multi-racial, thus asserting he understands what it is like to be Black.

And Twitter went ham! Especially since Senator Booker, an African-American man, was on the stage and after bragging about having the largest police force in the entire United States.


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Not letting it slide, Secretary Julian Castro spoke out about what he knows is a real thing, evoking his Latino roots.

He said, “I also think we have to recognize racial and social justice. I was in Charleston not to long ago and I remember that Dylan Roof went to the Mother Emmanuel AME Church and he murdered nine people who were worshiping, and then he was apprehended by police without incident. But what about Eric Gardner and Tamir Rice and Laquan McDonald and Sandra Bland and Pamela Turner and Antonio Arce.  I am proud that I am the only candidate so far that has put forth legislation that will reform our policing system in America that will insure that no matter what the color of your skin is you are treated the same (including Latinos who are mistreated too often by police).”