Kanye West has funded his former employee Maisie Schloss in effort to start up her fashion collection for women’s brand, Maisie Wilen.

Wilen is the first to receive funds from the Graduation rapper. She is a creative incubator, who will offer to pay young designers work and assistance. When Wilen graduated from design school, she had worked at a swimwear company before Yeezy put her under his belt to learn the ins and outs of creating her own brand.

“Kanye very generously offered to support me,” Schloss told Dezeen. “He truly cares about sharing resources, creating opportunities for creatives to grow and be recognized.”

Her collection is set to drop Spring and Summer of 2020 that will feature garments that are animal print and body cuts who were inspired by the nature of gymnastics and robotics. Other pieces are snake print outwear with large pockets and mock necks, woven skirts, and jerseys.