Gospel megastar Kirk Franklin has been the leading voice of the genre for almost 30 years. He has crossed over the mainstream with his version of R&B influenced gospel. Many have been wondering what does the “I Smile” singer/songwriter think of Kanye West’s Sunday Service movement. Franklin, without hesitation, endorsed Pastor Kanye’s growing congregation.

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When Kirk, along with his wife Tammy, arrived at the 2019 BET Awards, the gospel legend conversed about Mr. West’s weekly Sunday Service with ET’s news correspondent Kevin Frazier. He also took a few moments to plug the upcoming season of his highly successful singing competition, BET’s Sunday Best on June 30.

“Well, you know, if Kanye’s doing it, then we gotta do it,” he said on the red carpet with a laugh. Later, he hinted that Sunday Service has been a big source of positivity for West, stating, “That’s my little brother, man. That thing, you know, let the music heal him.”


While he didn’t say if he made his way to Sunday Service, he did reveal that he and West have talked about it numerous times.

“Well, you know, we talk through ‘em. We talk through ‘em as brothers,” Franklin shared. “We’re always having conversations and I’m so proud to see the music do what it’s created to do – to heal people. And it can heal everybody.”

In an interview on Beats 1 on Monday (June 24), Franklin again gave Kanye his support. “Let that be his medicine, he ain’t making no loot doing it,” Franklin responded. “You could always tell intent on how people spend their money. How people spend their money is a reflection of their heart. And so, the fact that this is something that he’s doing on his own, let that be his medicine.”

Check out the full conversation with The Franklins below.