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Every single mother in the world wants to dote on their children.

It is natural.

But one of R&B’s most favorite moms, Tina Knowles has recently taken to Instagram to shout out her oldest daughter, Beyoncé for growing her hair long. As a former hairdresser, Knowles knows a thing about hair… styling it… dyeing it… bleach, braid and beveling it… But most of all, she knows a little something about hangtime. So when her daughter decided to let her hair grow, she could not wait to hop on the ‘gram and share with fans.


It is cute.

What mother doesn’t love to talk about how pretty their daughter is, or celebrate a big accomplishment. Especially since, King Bey always wears wigs in her performances. Many believe this was a quick stunt on everyone talking mess about her child. #LongHairDontCare

There is certain to be some push back. Many will lift colorism and hair bias as a way to tear down this sweet post. In an era where being light-skinned and long hair means so much to so many (in a positive way as well as negative), posting this is a bold statement about being not just proud of her daughter, but also proud of her lineage. Talk about Becky with the good hair!

The truth is that the Beyincé heritage is linked in a proud culture of mixed race people. Having light skin and long wavy hair is just what it is… its a tattoo of America’s complicated history and neither woman has any control over that. And acknowledging what is simply obvious to the eye is

In the post she says, “INCHES!!!! So happy my baby’s hair grew back !! She is going to get me ?

Do you think she went overboard or that this is a great look for both Momma Tina and Beyoncé.