Yo Gotti’s annual Birthday Bash concert was straight fire this past Friday (June 28), both figuratively and literally. However, the Memphis-bred MC proved that it would take more than a few flames riding up his leg to stop him from putting on a stage-rocking set in his hometown.

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As you can see in a clip from TIDAL’s stream of Birthday Bash 7 above, Gotti’s whole leg almost caught on fire after his pants were ignited from a pyrotechnic machine while performing his hit single “Rake It Up.” The craziest thing isn’t even the fact that he almost was burnt to a crisp; the fact that he nonchalantly keeps performing was the real sign of a miracle. The moment comes and goes faster than you can say “Fuck it up” four times in a row, but it still was a pretty close call. Glad you’re okay, Lil Yo!

Stream Yo Gotti’s full three-hour Birthday Bash 7 show right now on TIDAL, which includes appearances from Rick Ross, Master P, Megan Thee Stallion and many more.

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