Cardi B attempted to make a power move by getting ownership for her famous catchphrase but was denied at the Patent Office. By now, everyone has heard Cardi’s “Okurrr” catchphrase, that apparently became popular enough for the platinum-selling artist to want to patent the saying.

According to news reports, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office denied the “Please Me” rapper’s request saying that the term was a “commonplace term.” The patent request was filed in March, more than a year after the Bronx native’s debut album Invasion of Privacy was released.

Perhaps Cardi’s team should’ve jumped on this request sooner because it is unquestionable that the saying was popularized by the stripper turned rapper and even inspired the original creation of clothing items using the sayings as shown in the USPTO’s case view. Cardi reportedly intended to create original merchandise with the phrase if given the patent.

Cardi B definitely missed out on a potentially huge cash grab, but given the success she’s had as an artist its safe to say Cardi isn’t hurting too bad after the denial. Also, according to the document which was mailed on May 7, Cardi is still within the 6-month window to respond to the Office’s decision and “present arguments in support of registration,” so all hope is not lost.