Halfway through their most successful year since their formation almost a decade ago, battle rap’s world leader SMACK/URLTV have announced their flagship event for 2019. This year combining two tentpole events into one: “Summer Madness” with “Double Impact.”  This move creates a 2-on-2 themed card called, “Summer Impact” double stacked with those considered the best from the culture. Not resting on their laurels, URL follows up the recent launch of their own dedicated battle rap app with arguably one of the biggest battle rap events ever.  The five battles announced thus far are:

Loaded Lux & Hollow Da Don vs. Tsu Surf & Tay Roc

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Two of New York’s best (Loaded Lux & Hollow Da Don) team up in a dangerous encounter with two of the most highly respected, explosive emcees (Tsu Surf & Tay Roc) in the game. This is sure to be a classic encounter. Can Lux adapt to the 2-on-2 formats and battling twice in only two months, against such continued strong opposition?


Rum Nitty & Geechi Gotti vs. K-Shine & DNA

After Geechi Gotti vs. K-Shine’s heated 1-on-1 earlier this year, many have wondered what it would be like to see them back in the ring. Not as a re-match, but in a configuration that would shake the battle rap world’s core. Then URL hits fans with this: A 2-on-2 battle that will feature the #1 punchline battle rapper in Rum Nitty, “The Champ” DNA, the bulldog Geechi Gotta and the firecracker K-Shine. Nothing but bars… fierce lyricisms that will clearly make this war. This will be a tough test for the newly formed duo of Nitty & Geechi against the experienced Shine & DNA, who have arguably the best team chemistry in battle rap today.

Shotgun Suge & Nu Jerzey Twork vs. Marvwon & Quest MCODY

Two of New Jersey’s titans battle two of the most formidable stars that the rap world has ever seen. The legendary duo of Marv and Quest (who have been battling as a team for well over a decade) are sure to be an interesting style clash. While it will be interesting bout, it will not be a walk in the park for either party. That fire-level bully energy that them Jersey guys bring to the table, might be put out but the ice-cold cool of these two Mid-west monsters. We are watching.

Goodz & Charlie Clips vs. Hitman Holla & John John Da Don

Goodz comes off his recent win against Cassidy to team up with one of his best friends, Wild ‘N Out‘s breakout star and freestyle king, Charlie Clips. Who will they go against? John John Da Don and Hitman Holla, who have come together to set up a classic for fans. Just remember these two’s straight-out combat on Summer Madness 2, when JJDD and HH had a blood bath on the stage. Imaging the two of them on one side is virtually like lyrical Combiners joining together to make a lyrical Optimus Prime. All four are fan favorites. All four have performance value that probably is unmatched. It will also be interesting to see how Wild ‘N Out co-stars Clips and Hitman Holla will adapt to battling each other, after such a long time working together.

Jaz The Rapper & O’fficial vs. E. Hart & 40 B.A.R.R.S

Female battle rap is finally back on the main stage in this highly welcomed matchup. The anticipated return of Jaz The Rapper to battle rap has those who appreciate the divine feminine in rap on alert. The this battle she is paired with NWX member, O’fficial. Those opposing them are battle rap vet, E. Hart (can’t even say she is Queen Of The Ring vet because she has been shaking room for years against  female or male opponents) and 40 B.A.R.R.S, The Queen Of The Ring.

This battle is sure to add more fuel to the fire yet to come on the Summer Impact card, this August 10th at The Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina. Stay tuned.