Joey Badass hinted on Instagram today that he may have had something to do with the Brooklyn Nets biggest free agency signing. The Flatbush native posted a clip from his recent interview with Power 105.1′s Angie Martinez where he mentioned that he had been talking to Kevin Durant although he was vague about the subject matter. Durant recently agreed to a max contract with the Nets at the price tag of $221 million over the next 5 years.

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In the three weeks old interview, the “Devastated” rapper mentioned how many people don’t know that he was hired as an ambassador for the Nets although he admitted he doesn’t have much of a front office role, but rather just has to “be cool” at the games.

However, with Joey dropping hints on IG, he may have made the biggest move that the former New Jersey franchise has seen in a long time. “Nobody knows I’ve been talking to Kevin Durant,” Joey said in the interview. When asked about the subject matter, Joey said: “East Coast is better.”


Of course, there are many other factors that could have led to Durant signing with Brooklyn. NBA fans might remember an All-Star Weekend conversation between Durant and now former Boston Celtics Point Guard Kyrie Irving where the two seem to be discussing teaming up in the future. Irving is set to sign a 4-year $142 million deal with the Nets.

Durant also is represented by Roc Nation which is owned by Jay-Z who is linked to the Nets from former part ownership in the franchise.

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Imma just leave this here… BROOKLYN! ??

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Fans may also remember that when Durant planned to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder after the 2015-2016 season, Drake as Global Ambassador for the Toronto Raptors openly told Durant that he wanted him to play for Canada’s team.

The NBA would clearly have to have proof that this conversation did happen between Joey Bada$$ and KD, because after all, Joey could just be joking.