While we’re all in for a good representation of graffiti art — check out the Beyond The Streets NYC exhibit on display all summer long in Brooklyn for a good example — some things are strictly off limits in terms of tagging. We can all agree that one of those is definitely Chicago’s signature “The Bean” art sculpture in Millennium Park, but unfortunately a few locals didn’t see it that way.

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According to a report by CBS Chicago, seven individuals were taken into custody following the defacing of “The Bean” along with, of all things, the Cancer Survivors’ Garden at Maggie Daley Park. A call to authorities was reported shortly after midnight earlier today, detailing tags that read “35th Crew” and other graffiti were found on the piece known as “Cloud Gate,” which was created by artist Anish Kapoor and erected back in 2005. Memorial walls in the Cancer Survivors’ Garden saw similar scribbles, including a park bench as well. All seven individuals were arrested on the scene, and the graffiti has since been removed from the sculpture.

Charges against those in custody have been pending since Tuesday morning. We’ll keep you guys updated as more details emerge. Take a look below at the damage done in Maggie Daley Park:

Image: CBS Chicago