The upcoming James Bond movie can’t seem to catch a break. After the lead star, Daniel Craig, injured his ankle and the crew members bumped heads with the director, The Sun reported that Grace Jones walked off set.

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The publication claims the reason for her abrupt departure was because she didn’t have a significant amount of lines in the film.

“Grace’s 007 homecoming was meant to be a real crowd-pleasing moment. Bosses were really excited about landing her,” sources tell the publication. “Of course, she comes with a reputation, so they organized premium accommodation and rolled out the red carpet on set to make her feel welcome. But it turns out Grace was expecting to play a bigger role in the movie and took her brief cameo as a slight.”


This isn’t Grace Jones’ first rode in the James Bond franchise. She starred in 1985’s A View To A Kill as the villain May Day.

Apparently, the diva expected a more significant role but only time will tell if the script will get re-written to satisfy the actress.