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There was a lot of buzz around the early stages of Lil Nas X’s viral hit, “Old Town Road” because Billboard removed the country rap record off the country charts claiming it didn’t contain enough elements of the predominantly white genre.

That was all shut down when Billy Ray Cyrus hopped on the remix and gave the record all the country validation it needed. In the end, the song spent a record-breaking 13 weeks on the top of the charts.

The 20-year-old artist flexed his diversity today with an Instagram post that read, “WE HAVE NOW HIT THE COUNTRY, RAP, & ROCK CHARTS!! THANK U,” as he showed off his Avengers gear.

The sky is the limit for Lil Nas X.


In other related news, he recently celebrated the end of pride seemingly coming out. However, he’s such a marketing genius, there’s no telling if he’s trolling or not especially after he published contradictory posts on social media.

Either way, we’re happy for him and hopes he continues to stay atop the charts.