Pharrell Williams is making sure to make an impact in the future of high school graduates. Giving a commencement speech at the Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academies I and II graduation, the legendary artist announced he will provide the opportunity for an internship to all 114 students in the graduating class.

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“So let me be clear, every member of the 2019 graduating class is guaranteed an internship waiting for them next summer,” Skateboard P said. “The world is watching Harlem, but this Renaissance will be different. And believe it or not, with respect, it’s gonna actually be better. And the reason why is because the new Harlem Renaissance has education at its core.”


The ability to provide an internship to each student comes through a facilitated program that will connect Harlem students with career inroads. Buzzfeed spoke with Harlem Children’s Zone CEO Anne Williams-Isom, who sees the program as a way to change the circumstances many are burdened with in the area.

“When we have somebody who is willing to say something as important as ‘I will guarantee you a high-quality internship once you finish your freshman year of college,’ we thought that that was very valuable, and we’re very excited about it,” Williams-Isam said.

In addition to being granted an internship, every graduate has been accepted into college.