The business portfolio of Ray J just got a little bit bulkier. The singer, reality star, and businessman recently dropped a $5 million dollar investment into his own cannabis brand named William Ray LA, TMZ reports.

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Stationed in California, William Ray LA, a recreational cannabis brand will kick off with what appears to be a key feature, pre-rolled “Ray Jay’s” joints. The pre-rolls will be available in Sativa and Indica varieties in which the “Wait a Minute” artist plans on overall specializing in Indica strains OG and Sativas strains LP for the brand, offering both glass jars and pre-rolls.

Ray J has reportedly been working on this venture for a year and already has an indoor grow facility and expert team in place. Along with his own ganja knowledge, William Ray LA is supported by a group of top cannabis experts who specialize in cultivation, branding, and marketing. Ray J’s manager, David Weintraub told TMZ the new cannabis brand will focus on “non-traditional marketing strategies in media, music and entertainment.”


William Ray LA will not only offer cannabis products and merchandise but in addition, marketing services and more to fellow cannabis business owners who are looking to expand their audiences.

The Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood star has actually been in the talks of his new venture, most recently in an Instagram video back in May where he gives kudos to his team in a promising post.

“Been working on deal for a year now!! Stayed up for days at a time getting work done! That’s why I look hella tired all the time,” he wrote. “But It’s about to finally be official this week!! Jus wanna say thank you to my team in Kentucky, Arizona, California and Las Vegas! We’ve work hard to get to this point! Now let’s go get these MMMMs!”

Ray J is certainly on a roll. He is the founder of Raytroniks, an American consumer electronics company which rose to popularity thanks to electric bike brand, Scoot-E-Bike which he sold to Canadian company LOOPShare in a 7-figure deal back in January. Once the success of Scoot-E-Bike surfaced, he expanded Raytroniks product selection and launched Raycon Global Inc.