Steve Harvey is planning to change the lives of eight lucky Kent State University students. The talk show host invited the students to his show to announce that he’ll be providing them with a $23,000 scholarship.

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“In addition to the scholarships, DEI will provide ongoing support to the eight students to ensure their academic success,” Vice President Brown said in the official press release. “Our division has a vested interest in all students; these eight young men will have no excuses with the help of our staff.”

Participants must maintain a 2.5-grade point average to have the scholarship renew each year. “Whenever we can, we find a way to change the lives of young people through scholarship programs we have come up with,” Steve added of the program, presented through his Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation.


The scholarships are in honor of Devon Moore who died while playing basketball at the Kent State’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center. “I believe that Devin’s legacy lives on in the lives of the students who are being blessed to get a sound education here at Kent State,” Sony Williams, who leads division and diversity added.

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