Floyd Temple sadly passed away in Ohio when he was lighting fireworks for a group of kids and one exploded on his chest.

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The 61-year-old man was reportedly lighting them on his lawn when he lit one the wrong way and the firework hit his chest, resulting in his instant death.

“It went off and his chest exploded, and the kids ran over to my house and told me about it. That’s when police showed up,” one of Floyd’s neighbors explained. “They’re probably traumatized right now. They were sitting right there on the stairs when it happened. One of my kids was sitting right there on those stairs.”


Floyd’s firework presentation was an annual tradition in his community. “He’s a really nice guy, nice guy,” Benjamin Avalos, a friend of Floyd added. “He’s my brother bro. I really love him with all of my heart.”

Police are now on the search for those setting off fireworks as they are illegal in the state of Ohio. “Our biggest concern is the safety of the residents in Toledo,” a police officer added.