According to CNN, Congressional Democrats have shot over three-dozen subpoenas to the Trump Organization and other Trump business associates who are believed to have been profiting from foreign governments in violation of the Constitution. The Dems are about business this time and have demanded that the parties respond by July 29.

What do they expect to find?

Pols are looking to get evidence from the Trump’s financial records.


But if you think that the president and his goons are going out without a fight, you would be sorely mistaken. The Justice Department has rendered a request to an appeals court to impeded and block this action. Furthermore, The Justice Department is hoping that  this appeals court will overrule the lower court’s decision, that allows the Dems to investigate the president, and stop the subpoenas from going forward.

The concern is that if the Dems in Congress collect evidence that prove the president has been up to no good that it “is likely to suffer irreparable injury” because of “intrusive discovery into his personal finances based on the public office he holds.”
Do you think that the president has finally been caught, or that he remains teflon?