The 2019 Presidential candidates took the stage at the 2019 Essence Festival to let the crowd know why they should vote for them. Democratic candidate Kamala Harris discussed her plans to “make America great again.”

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“What exactly does ‘again’ mean?” Harris questioned. ” Back before the Civil Rights Act? Back before the Voting Rights Act? Back before Roe v Wade? Back before the Fair Housing Act?”

“Well, Essence, we’re not going back,” she said to the crowd. “In fact, it is time to turn the page. And it is time to write the next chapter.”


Harris also vowed to pay more attention to the issues of Black people like the economy, health care, the racial wealth gap, national security, and more. She announced that she plans to invest $100 billion into Black homeownership.

“I’ll invest $100 billion to put homeownership within reach for those who rent or live in federally-supported housing,” Harris said. “It would help up to 4 million families with down payments and closing costs.

“By taking these steps we can shrink the wealth gap between Black and White households by at least one third,” Harris continued.