Legendary Harlem battle rapper Murda Mook has announced his long-awaited return to battle rap’s premiere platform SMACK/URLTV, appearing on the platform’s inaugural “Summer Impact” card.  The event will be held next month on Saturday, August 10th at The Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Dot Mob general will team up with Detroit’s Calicoe forming the super group “Murdaland.” Who are the lucky (or brave) emcees that they will be battling? The two vets will take on the combined talents of T-Top and Brizz Rawsteen (Dark Lyfe) in what is going to be a tough 2-on-2 battles for two of URL’s most cemented stars.  Dark Life is dangerous because they are probably the only multiple-battle-having-duo that can boast being undefeated.

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Last year, Murda Mook had his debut on Rare Breed Entertainment (RBE) against a red-hot Aye Verb, proving that the battle rap god could bleed (if not lose).

That classic battle added to his already legendary legacy that includes memorable battles against Loaded Lux (twice), Serius Jones, French Montana, T-Rex, Jae Millz, Iron Solomon, Party Arty plus more. Mook has collaborated with the likes of Remy Ma, Talib Kweli amongst a wealth of others and has been teetering on fully breaking through to the mainstream for the last decade. This will be Murda Mook’s first time back on the SMACK/URLTV stage since he infamously beat Iron Solomon convincingly on the star-studded “Summer Madness 2” stage back in 2012, representing the longest fallback for a battle rapper in 7 1/2 years from the Ultimate Rap League. Ironically many in the culture believe that this battle was prompted by another battle on the card. Mt. Rushmore compadres Loaded Lux copped & Hollow Da Don snatched the biggest look on the card pairing up against the rising commercial rap star, Tsu Surf & the current face of URL, Tay Roc. The allure was just to big one critic said for them not to consider the card.

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In what many are considering the best battle rap card on paper since “Summer Madness 2,” the ”Summer Impact” event features 24 of the cultures best rappers battling it out across six matches in a unique 2-on-2 format, that continues to build on the very best year  for not only SMACK/URLTV but the culture as a whole.

These are the battles as planned:

Loaded Hollows (Loaded Lux & Hollow Da Don) vs. GunTitles (Tsu Surf & Tay Roc)

Murdaland (Murda Mook & Calicoe) vs. Dark Lyfe (Brizz Rawsteen & T-Top)

NWX (DNA & K-Shine) vs. Every Fuccin Bar (Geechi Gotti & Rum Nitty)

Good Clipz (Charlie Clips & Goodz) vs. Multiple Remixes (Hitman Holla & John John Da Don)

The Monstars (Nu Jerzey Twork & Shotgun Suge) vs. Marv & Quest (Marv Won & Quest Mcody)

Jaz the Rapper & O’fficial vs. TOQ (40 B.A.R.R.S. & E-Hart)

Will Murda Mook be able to successfully adapt to this unique format in a rapidly developing era of battle rap? Will a stellar performance here be enough to propel him forward to finally battling Cassidy? Stay tuned to The Source.