It seems like police shootings of civilians happen so frequently, that citizens of color are numb.

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On Sunday, July 7th, a man in 50s was shot by the police after authorities allege he was breaking into a car in the Bronx, in the Highbridge section near W. 166th Street and Ogden Ave. According to ABC 7, he was taken to Lincoln Hospital and has been listed in serious condition.

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There are conflicting reports. Neighbors that witness the shooting say that the man was on the ground and had no weapon.  “When the guy was on the floor, he was still resisting arrest, the cop brought the gun and shot him twice,” reports eyewitness Mercedes Escodo to the news outlet.

However, NYPD Chief Terry Monahan has a different version, that says that his officers were in danger. He said, “Officers have body cameras that were on that capture the suspect saying ‘I have a gun – (expletive) die!'”

The suspect was shot two times by the police and was hit in his arm.

“When you’re not standing there, you don’t see the suspect is armed with a gun. That he says quite clearly, ‘I have a gun… die’, ” NYPD maintains,  “and the officer saying the gun was pointed in his chest. When you’re looking for a distance, you’re not seeing what’s happening in that close quarter.”

A 9mm was apparently found on the scene, but some question that… believing that the NYPD is creating a cover for shooting a man while he was on the ground. Charges are pending.



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