Once upon a time, the United States had a president that did not embarrass us.

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In fact, he was kind of a charmer and worked hard to keep the peace in the country and around the world… don’t believe us, he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. That president’s name was Barack Obama. During his administration, he placed a series of sanctions on Russia for numerous transgressions. On December 29, 2016, President Obama signed an order that expanded sanctions against Russia for its interference in the 2016 United States elections. Additional sanctions were placed in 2018, by the new president and other countries, to blacklist Russia over their annexation of Crimea and them backing the separatists’ rebels in Ukraine.

Apparently, according to Newsweekthese sanctions are crippling their economy.


Well, factory workers at the GAZ Group plant did a cover of Coolio’s “Gangsta Paradise” to express how upset they are over these sanctions, appearing to beseech the new president’s mercy- because the sanctions are going to cost them their jobs. GAZ is an automotive factory, and somehow between manufacturing parts for the cars, they found time to produce this video.

One worker, Ilya Bondarenko, uploaded the video to his YouTube channel.

“I understand that this is all politics, and I do not want to get into it,” Bondarenko wrote. “We all just want to work quietly.”

He added: “We hope that they will hear us and will calmly work in their own factory. Americans say that sanctions are not directed against ordinary people. But it is not so! I want as many people as possible to see our video.”

It is amazing to see how they see that Hip-Hop is their only hope to get their message to the American policymakers.

One worker raps: “I was doing my job, putting engines together. All was basically cool till I heard from my neighbor. That this trouble has come from where no one could guess in the form of some sanctions from the goddamn U.S.

“I have kids to upkeep and a young wife to maintain. I pay a mortgage and stuff, I MUST bring home pay. We are hundreds of thousands like that, now what?

“After sanctions we all will end up overboard. We make motors for transport, there’s no drive without us. We give life to the car, and the truck and the bus. We are hundreds of thousands like that, now what? Automotive industry will lose all support?”

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